6 Surefire Ways to Accomplish Nothing

We all want our life to count.

For Christians, we want to accomplish the purpose that God has for us.

Here are 6 ways to be sure you accomplish nothing…

1. Focus on what others are doing wrong. This will keep you from seeing what you’re doing wrong. You’ll always know how other people should fix themselves, but never improve yourself.

2. See the worst in every situation. Always think about how things could go wrong. Always assume that the worst possible scenario will be played out in every part of your life.

3. Build relationships to further yourself. Never love people just because, always have a hidden agenda. This way, people will always be suspicious of you.

4. Find someone who is successful and criticize anything you can. This way, you are never sharing in another’s success. You’re always focusing on someone else and hopefully tearing them down.

5. Think that everyone is out to get you. That’s right, always be looking over your shoulder. This way, you never fully trust anyone and you never allow anyone to get close enough to you to possibly improve, encourage, or teach you.

6. Always believe you can do it yourself. Never seek God and see what He desires for you. That way, you never have to do anything uncomfortable or that requires a step of faith. Never partner with anyone either. If you accomplish something, you’ll only have to share the credit.

What have you found in your own life that gets in the way of accomplishing something significant?


  1. I was going to pick one item and expound on it, but the more I read them, the more I realize that all of them have applied to me at some point in time.

    Awesome stuff bro.

  2. What have you found in your own life that gets in the way of accomplishing something significant?

    Too much “me-ness” which for me contains a little from number 6. Sometimes I am a little too self sufficient for my own good.

    Thanks for getting me to reflect this AM bro’ Good challenge!

  3. Adam

    Powerful list. I have struggled with every one of those points at one time or another. Seeing them listed out like that is pretty sobering. The bottom line with all of them is this – are we trying to serve Christ, or are we serving ourselves?

  4. I agree with all your points – but on #2, I have a clarification… I think there is a difference between “See[ing] the worst in every situation” and “Always think[ing] about how things could go wrong”

    I’m a data miner, an analyst who’s job is to seek out as many things that are ‘wrong’ as possible so they can be addressed. I’ve tested software for this purpose, I am always looking for ways things can be better. I’ve been doing this professionally for 20 years.

    Having said that, I must also say I get tired of people who twist themselves into knots trying to not say anything negative. A programmer didn’t find an opportunity to show us how smoothly things normally run, the made a mistake and the system crashed. So what – fix it and move on, but please stop trying to sugar coat something that doesn’t need it.

    So I will say it plain but not mean it negatively. If something is wrong, it’s wrong and needs correcting. If I’m about to put a plane in the air (the arena where I work now) the you want me to “always think about how things could go wrong.” Especially if you’re going to fly on that plane.

    Is that being negative? I don’t think so, but have had many at work and at church say it is.



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