Gospel = Go Spell

The Gospel is good news. We can all agree on that. To hear that we were dead but have the opportunity by faith to be made alive again is good news. In fact, the word “gospel” literally means “good news” in the Greek. It is good. It is straight from God.

The thing I know about good news, though, is that it’s meant to be shared. When I hear of a ground breaking new technology or idea, what do I do? I tell it. When I find a new Mexican restaurant that is better than any other I’ve tried before, what do I do? I tell everyone about it. I share the good news. In a day of fake news and bad news, it’s good that we can hang our hat on some Good News. That’s what needs to be shared. In fact, if you look at it, the word “Gospel” almost spells “Go spell.”

In other words, the word “Gospel” is begging us not to sit on the good news we’ve received. The very English spelling of the word is saying…


This means we make an effort to share this good news. When I make my truck “go” it requires effort by me and the truck. I have to press my foot on the accelerator and my truck has to use the engine components to get up and run (it’s got a hemi!). That’s kind of what it looks like when we go to share the gospel. It requires a little effort on my part to get to know people that I may not necessarily want to introduce myself to, it means that I may have to use some of my time and make time for other people, but it also means that the little effort on my part will be used greatly by God. He’s got a hemi too and it’s called the Holy Spirit. When we go to share, He does the rest.


I know I’m taking some liberties here with the spelling of “spell”, but hang with me. The Gospel not only means that I go, but that I also spell it out for the people I’ve “gone” to. By spelling it out, I certainly mean with verbal communication, but I also mean by acts of love. Never is the Gospel more clearly spelled out than when our words and actions align in reverence to the greatest story ever told. Perhaps never before has the world needed to see the Gospel spelled out more clearly than it does right now. We need to live what we say. Practice what we preach. And spell what we’re sent to say.

So, spell it out. Talk it, but also live it. Go and share the Good News. This could mean that you go as far as your neighbor’s house and get to know them a little. It could mean that you connect to your local church by serving. Whatever it may be, our word needs people living the…



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