Because Someone Else Did

Because someone elseJust a quick thought today…

None of us are a product of ourselves. There is no true “self made” man.

The reason we are where we are is because someone else did something. They chose to have a child. They chose to leave a legacy. They chose to start the organization. They chose to work hard and save money. They chose to continue success so we could get hired.

In our world today, we often forget this principle.

Because someone else did, I can and I am.

We seem to forget to honor those that have gone before and support those that come behind. We forget that sometimes we reap the benefits of the ones that go before and we often fail to realize the importance of the opportunities we have for those that come after.

My question for us as a generation, us as leaders, us as people is…

Because someone else did, we’re here. Will we be the “someone else?”

What are we doing today to pave the way for someone else? What systems are we fixing, what problems are we solving, what injustice are we correcting so that someone else won’t have to?

What steps are we taking toward the future? How are we honoring those in the past?

Because someone else did.


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