3 Prayers I’m Praying For My Son

If you’ve been around my blog for a little while, you probably know about my 17 month old son, Riley. I’ve written about him in the past and even talked about some of what he’s taught me over the few months that I’ve had the privilege of being a Dad.

prayersOne of the things that I never get tired of doing and will never stop doing is praying for Riley. I pray for him before he goes to bed, before he leaves for daycare in the mornings, and all throughout the day too. Those prayers have changed over the 17 months of his life quite often and I’m sure they will for the next 30, 40, 50 years or so.

Right now, though, here are 3 things I’m praying for my 17 month old son.


I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend as I have, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be a Christ follower in our world. I can’t imagine what Riley will face as he grows up and follows Christ. It’s going to be important that he’s willing to be bold with his faith and bold in his standing up for what’s right and people that can’t stand up for themselves.

My prayer usually goes something like:

“God, thank you for making him brave. For making him bold. Like Daniel refused to cave and turned people’s perspective of God, let Riley turn people to Jesus in a new way by his bold faith.”


Entitlement is something we’re all guilty of. The problem with entitlement is that it quickly spreads to every part of our lives. We may start out feeling entitled to a certain position or outcome. Eventually, when entitlement is allowed to grow, it seeps into our relationships and even our relationship with Jesus. I pray that Riley is always thankful for what he has and what he’s given. That thankfulness will be the basis for his life.

My prayer usually goes something like:

“God, you know how Riley needs to be blessed more than I do. Whatever you give him, let him have an attitude of thankfulness. Let him realized that all of the good things he has comes directly from you. Most of all, let him be thankful for Jesus. Never let him become numb to your overwhelming grace.”


I really believe one of the things that’s most dear to God’s heart is generosity. God, being generous in every aspect, really blesses those that are generous with what He’s given them. Generosity often flows through thankfulness and love for others. When we realize what we have is a gift, we’re always more willing to share it.

My prayer usually goes something like:

“God, thank you that Riley will always be generous with what you give him. No matter how much you see fit to bless him with, let him share it and steward it well and for others. Let your blessing flow through him and bless others.”

Those are just a few of my prayers for my son. What are you praying for those you love? Comment below.


  1. You are a wise man!

    One thing I pray for each of my kids is their name. So, for Hannah (= ‘grace’), I pray that she would always be gracious. For Elijah (= ‘my God is Yahweh’), I pray that he would know and stand for God’s truth. For Sender (=’protector’), I pray that he would be a protector of others.


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