Why It Really Is Easier Said Than Done

We’ve all heard the saying, “That’s easier said than done.” One of the reasons sayings like that stick around so long is because they’re mostly true. The older I’ve gotten and the more life experience I gain, I really do see how true this statement is. No matter what we’re doing, what our dream is, or where our life takes us, talk is easy, doing is difficult.

Here are 3 reasons it really is easier said than done…

SAIDANDDONEDoing takes conviction

To do something, especially something big and worth while, it takes 100% conviction that it’s worth doing. Think about it… the best inventions, companies, non profits, churches, and relationships are began because someone had the conviction that they had to do it. They understood that their plans and talking would only get them so far. They had a firm belief that it would be worth it.

Doing takes risk and faith

Rarely do we do something and know every step of the process and how it will turn out. Doing takes being willing to risk it and believe. Whether you’re starting a family, going on a dream trip, going off to college, preaching a sermon, or simply helping someone in need, you’re putting yourself out there. It’s not easy. It’s risky.

Doing takes action

The more and more I see of people, the more I think this one holds a lot of people back. The truth is, we’re lazy people. We don’t like to do anything hard, we don’t like to learn anything new, and we often don’t even want to think about it. Doing takes action. Doing takes effort. Doing takes initiative.

Doing takes challenge

One of my favorite stories in scripture is the story of Nehemiah and his people rebuilding the wall. If you remember, they had the wall about half up when some people came and started hating. Doing significant, world changing, life changing stuff will require challenge. You see, when most people are good with just talking and the status quo, they’re going to oppose those that are taking the initiative and making them reflect on themselves. Expect challenge.

What do you need to put some action to? Have anything to add?

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