Grasping Faith

I’ve been reading through the book of Romans. A few days ago, I read Romans 3. It’s the famous chapter (Romans 3:23) where Paul outlines heavily the only way to salvation and contrasts faith and the law. He makes the case and point that only through faith is one saved through Christ.

The word “faith” is used about a dozen times in the chapter and it really points out our desperation in salvation and his declaration that faith in Him is the only way.

Thinking about the word “faith”…

  • It’s hard for us to grasp in present times
  • faith means we look long term, not just in the immediate
  • faith means we’re willing to suffer as it plays out
  • faith lasts and has longevity
  • faith grabs what it can’t fully grasp and understand
  • faith trusts and knows what it can’t see and touch

It’s hard today to do these things with what we have and the opportunities that lie around us. I’m thankful it’s by faith that I can have salvation, not by my perfection…

It’s through day by day messiness and stumbling in faith that I can claim life in Jesus.

faith trusts long term, thinks long term, suffers, and lasts

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