Young Leader: Use Your Gifts Freely

Exodus 35:29 (NLT) So the people of Israel—every man and woman who was eager to help in the work the Lord had given them through Moses—brought their gifts and gave them freely to the Lord.

There’s a temptation around for leaders… especially young leaders…. the temptation is to wait until “then” to use your gifts and abilities.

Wait until you have the platform
Wait until you have the credibility
Wait until you have the authority
Wait until you have the vision

I love Exodus 35:29 and the picture that it paints for leaders and followers young and old. We have to be willing to serve…


That means that we don’t wait for “then,” but we take advantage of now. We jump in with both feet. We work hard until until then instead of just waiting on it.

I see it in the church, in organizations, even in relationships. We wait to be in power and have authority (or at least the feeling of such). Young leader, use your gifts freely!

The result of the Israelites understanding this concept payed off with huge benefits. They built the tabernacle, the place where God would dwell. It was their connection to their very Creator.

We have something to build as well. Regardless of what you’re leading. Don’t wait around.

Use your gifts freely!

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