12 Ways Your iPhone Can Help You Grow

Bible Study Apps

There are several Bible study apps that work well on an iPhone (or any other phone). Of course, the Bible from Lifechurch.tv is great, but I like the suite of apps from Olive Tree. You can add commentaries to it on a purchase by purchase basis and sync across all your devices.

Unread reader

My favorite reader for iPhone and iPad. It helps you stay up to date on blogs and news.

Smart News

My favorite aggregator of news sites from around the web. It helps me grow my knowledge of current events and keeps me up to date on things I’m interested in that I don’t subscribe to and sync to Unread.


A great tool for capturing ideas, research, and anythign else you may want to save for later. It’s kind of an internet DVR.


Read to grow. Both of these apps work great. I prefer Kindle just because it’s what I’ve used the most over the years.


A great little mobile workout app. It grows your workouts with you and adjusts to your fitness level.

Pedometer +

Another great little fitness app. If you don’t have a step counter for your wrist, this does a great job and lets you show your steps on the today widget section as well.


My digital brain… it should be yours too! (just my opinion though)

Productivity Apps

Try ToDoist to get organized and grow your productivity


You can follow experts in your field and news sites. It’s also a great tool to grow your network.

Brain training apps

There are several of these apps. They help train and workout your brain.


I use Pocket Casts, but iOS ships with a Podcast app too now.

Add yours to the list. What else can you do with your iPhone or smartphone to help yourself grow?

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