3 Evernote IFTTT Recipes for Leaders

There are 2 tools that I’m using increasingly to get things done these days. These 2 tools have helped me be more productive day to day and with large projects. I’ve talked about one of them, Evernote many times on the blog. There’s one, though, that’s making the internet easier for a lot of people. If This Then That is a service that works to connect different services.

Here are 3 recipes I’ve been using with Evernote to do simple things that used to take much longer to do…

IFTTT Recipe: Siri to Evernote connects ios-reminders to evernoteIFTTT Recipe: Clip Great Quotes From Twitter to Evernote connects twitter to evernote
IFTTT Recipe: Gmail to Evernote connects gmail to evernote


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