2 Revelations About Authenticity: Why We Have A Hard Time Being Us

I’ve written recently about authenticity. The Next Up Podcast covered why authenticity is important at to a leader in its latest episode, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic.

Here are 2 revelations…

We all have inauthenticity inside us

Many won’t admit it, but I’ll be the one to step out. Sometimes, I try to be someone I’m not. The truth is, I enjoy making people happy, I want to fit in, and I like to have people looking up to me and thinking I’m smart. We all have that inside of us. It’s why advertising works, it’s often why people go in debt, and it’s sometimes even why we spread gossip. We all have a little inauthenticity streak in us. Admit it…. Don’t leave me hanging as the sole admission.

Inauthenticity is a spiritual problem

It’s true. The reason we try to impress others or we try to be someone we’re not is because we’re not completely sold on who we are in Christ and who God made us to be. Think about it… If we to hide ourselves, were ultimately saying that God needs to work on us because who He made isn’t good enough. The key here is for us to examine ourselves and be open to transforming our mind and actions to be more like Jesus. I heard a disciple once described as someone going from unbelief to belief in every area. We have to be willing to make that shift and become more of “us” in the process.


  1. If we are all truly ourselves, couldn’t we all move to the business at hand the possibilities of new friend-making faster and more efficiently? Shouldn’t we spend more time being ourselves rather than covering who we really are?


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