Failure Is An Option: Why Domino’s Got It Right

If you watch any amount of TV, you’ve probably seen the Domino’s ad that talks about how failure is an option within their company. The other day, the commercial came on and I couldn’t help but think about how simplistically brilliant that statement is for a company that works with food. For a company that tries to be innovative with something that has been around for hundreds of years.

If you haven’t seen the ad, here it is (click here if you can’t see the video in your rss feed)

Making failure an option gives us all a chance to…

  • Take risks
  • Make mistakes
  • Be bold
  • Dream big
  • Step out
  • Mess up without fear of it being fatal
  • Innovate
  • Do things differently
  • Break social norms
  • Be excellent

Those are just a few things I can think of.

What would you add to that list? What do you think of the policy that “failure is an option?”


  1. It gives us the ability to be creative. The first thing we see God do is create. Without the willingness to try new things we hold our God-given creativity back. Great post. I just found your website and love what you are doing.

  2. Patricia Niemann

    This approach could possibly be utilized in the beginning stages of the on-boarding process with a new job role or during strategic planning throughout, because there will be mistakes along the way. And if employees are given a little leeway to be creative without consequential repercussions, then ingenuity will flourish. But one should be careful to unilaterally apply it companywide at all times. While I appreciate the idea behind this sentiment, there are however some environments that won’t warrant nor accept ‘failure’. These might be healthcare, law enforcement, accountants just to name a few. It is always wise to have balance.


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