Allow the Invasion: A Lesson From Peter About Life

INVASIONNo matter who we are or what our gifts are, there are certain things we consider ourselves to be good at. Come on, now. I know what you’re trying to humbly think… “I don’t think like that, I’m humble.” :-)

Humble or not, though, there are things that you do well. There are things that God has given you an ability to do and do better than most.

For some of us, that gift may be teaching.
For some, it may be growing relationships.
For some, singing.
For some, painting or being crafty.
For some, it may be thinking strategically.

You get the idea.

No matter what it is, we have to be willing to adjust it.

Remember the calling of Peter?

Peter was fishing one day, hadn’t caught a thing. Remember, fishing was Peter’s thing. It was the thing he was pretty stinking good at. He did it professionally. Anyway, Peter was having a tough day fishing when he met Jesus. Jesus told Peter to make a slight adjustment to what he was doing and the Bible says he caught so many fish his net almost broke in half.

Here’s my point…

We have to be willing to learn and listen, no matter how good we are at something.

Even more specifically, we have to allow God to invade our space. We have to allow God to be in everything we do. From the time we get up to the time we go to bed. Look for God to invade what you’re doing. Look for God to improve and bless the very things you’re already good at.

Peter did and it changed his fishing… eventually, it changed the world!


  1. Also excellent timing for me, as I’ve signed up for my first religious studies course and am beginning to focus more on Christian writing and speaking and less on other types of writing and speaking.


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