3 Things That Kill Communication

We all have something important to say.

I really do believe that. For those of us in church work, our message is not only important, but life changing. It’s the message that we want everyone to know and no one to miss.

Working with people and being around people, we can often find ourselves in discussions and in situations where we have to be pointed in our discussion. We want to be people that are clear in what we say. Maybe it’s from a stage when we’re addressing a particular issue, preaching, giving announcements, or maybe it’s just in everyday conversation.

No matter what you’re communicating or where you’re communicating it, don’t fall prey to these 3 communication killers…

Speaking From Emotion

We’ve all said those things in the heat of the moment that we wish we could take back. Many times, we know immediately we’ve made a mistake.

When in emotional situations, whether it be in a public forum or in conversation with your spouse, kids, boss, or coworker, don’t speak. Let it sit. You’ll speak with much more clarity, avoid misunderstanding, and avoid some embarrassment. It’s okay to walk away and talk later.

Being Argumentative

Some people are just argumentative. It seems like it’s their hobby to start arguments with other people. Not all of us are like that, but we can all argue from time to time.

When we’re leading a staff or we’re corresponding with people in email or on social media, we can’t take the bait or be an argument starter.

Being an argumentative person only dilutes what we really want to say and causes us to lose credibility with those we need to have a voice with.

Saying Everything

You can’t say everything and still get the most important thing across. We often make this mistake most when speaking publicly. When we get a platform or pulpit, we immediately think we can solve the world in one speech and so we lose the effectiveness of what we really need to say. Don’t say it all, you’ll end up saying nothing at all.

This is important with our stage announcements at the churches we serve. You can’t announce everything and share everything and still have people grasp the most important things. Be focused. Have a goal.


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