What Having A Baby And Leading People Have In Common

My life has been changed the last 3 months. What was somewhat predictable and all about myself and my wife has suddenly become more hectic and has come with more responsibility.

Having a baby is the coolest thing ever. It’s also the most sudden life changing event ever. Over the last few months, I’ve learned a ton about life, love, and leadership.

Here are a couple of ways having a baby has taught me about leadership…

Movement // He wants to be moved when he cries

My little guy loves to move around. When I’m holding and sitting still (unless he’s sleeping), he doesn’t really appreciate it. What he really likes and what really settles him down is when I move around. Several weeks ago the little fellow wouldn’t stop crying. I finally started pacing back and forth in the kitchen. After about 5 minutes, he was asleep and quiet.

As leaders, movement is important. Without movement in ourselves and the organizations we lead, people will begin to get stiff and lose interest in the vision. We have to be about moving people, projects, and the mission forward.

Relationship // He wants to be talked to

My little man loves it when I talk to him. He can’t talk back just yet, but his eyes tell me that he appreciates the one sided conversation. He likes forming a relationship with his dad.

Leaders have to be about relationship. If we lose sight of people, we’ve lost sight of the very calling of leading. Leaders move, but leaders move by relationship. Take time to form relationships and don’t see people as an inconvenience, but a part of the mission.


  1. KC

    Love it! There are so many parallels between parenting and leadership. Looking forward to more insights you discover on the journey. #DadLifeRules


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