3 Reasons Who You’re Dating May Be the One

MARRYOne of the most common stats we hear about millennials today is the amount that are living with their parents and remaining unmarried past the age of 28. It’s a fairly common scenario.

And that’s not a bad thing. It’s totally okay to stay at home to save money. It’s okay to move home after college to find a job. It’s not, okay though, to stay with your patents and remain unmarried because you’re afraid of commitment or because you’re not willing to give up some of your selfish behavior.

For those of you that are waiting on Mr or Mrs right or thinking about taking the step to make the commitment, here are 3 signs the person you’re dating could be the one…

– You trust them more than you’ve ever trusted anyone else.

One of the greatest things someone told me before I married Melissa was to be sure that I trusted her more than anyone. It was true. The trust that I had with her then and the grown trust that I have with her now are so important to our marriage.

If you’re thinking about popping the question or saying yes, be sure it’s someone you trust. Sure, attraction goes a long was, but trust is what solidifies a relationship.

If you can say that you 100% trust them more than anyone else! they may be the one.

– You can’t imagine life without them.

This is a dangerous one because it will always seem like it at the peak of infatuation and attraction. What I mean by this is, can you not imagine life without them even when things aren’t perfect?

In our culture today that seems to throw away marriage at the first speed bump in the road, it’s important that you’re still in love evens when they’re driving you nuts. That’s a special kind of relationship. That’s a relationship that can sustain even through the speed bumps and late night fights.

They may be the one if they’re at their worst and you still can’t live without them. After all, you will promise “for better or worse.”

– You’d be willing to give all of yourself even if they couldn’t give anything.

“In sickness and in health.” It’s a common vow line read at weddings. It basically means that you promise that you’ll give your all to your spouse even when they’re too sick to give anything back.

That’s a big commitment. Most of us can be fairly selfish if not kept in check. When we believe we’ve found someone that we’re willing to give without return, we’ve found someone we hold a special place for. If you’re dating someone or with someone and you’re constantly willing to give everything, they may be the one.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s a done deal of you see these traits in your current relationship. I’m not saying go for it, I’m just saying consider it. Marriage is a gift, but it’s only a good gift if we acknowledge it and take the step.

Seek God. Think through it. Hear God. Then obey. Make the commitment.


  1. It’s interesting you started your blog with the fact that many folks are postponing marriage until their late 20’s. It was true in our case. We were both 29 when we married and that’s basically because neither one of us had found the person with whom we wanted to spend the rest of our lives. Both my wife and I were engaged before we met, but upon looking back, neither relationship would have worked. My wife and I often say we would have met coming out of divorce court if we had married our first fiancé(e)s. Anyway, after almost 38 years together, I would say we made the right choice. Our disagreements have been few over the years and they were easily resolved by two loving people. I can honestly say my wife is my biggest earthly blessing and my best friend. I thank God every day for her.

  2. #4. You probably feel like they are 99.9% NOT THE ONE. Ha, ha, ha! I did and look where I am 24 years later. Happily married to THAT guy. Thank God I didn’t ditch him with that comment, huh? Incidentally, he was 31 and I turned 22 the next day, when we married. Both our first marriages. Great list!

  3. Hmmm! Jonathan, this a great post and it is a blessing to me, especially the second point “You can’t imagine life without them”. Most homes are broken today because either of the parties involved think he/she is capable of living without him/her. Until you get to this point of not being able to live without each other, your relationship can break up at any point. This is a cord that binds relationships together for a “better for worse” experience. Thanks for the post.


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