10 Things 20 Somethings Should Do

THINGSThe world is a fast changing and quickly evolving place. For those of us that are young, it can feel like its impossible to get ahead. The temptation can be to only look at ourselves and think of our own interests. We can’t operate like that… We shouldn’t at least.

Here are 10 things 20 something’s should be doing…

1. Call their parent or person that raised them at least 3 times a week.
Seriously, they’ve done a lot for you. Make sure you let them know.

2. Look for a spouse, not a hookup.
Long term, you need someone to do life with. Look for that.

3. Serve their spouse, not look to be served.
Serve them and you’ll be amazed at the blessings you’ll get back.

4. Connect to believers their age.
We need help navigating this world. Good friends are a must.

5. Find a mentor older than them.
We don’t know it all. Find someone who has more scars, knowledge, and time than yourself.

6. Be the same person face to face as they are on twitter.
We’re good at quoting scripture and inspiration on twitter. Live it out in life.

7. Live in knowledge of others’ interest.
It’s not all about us. We have to remember that.

8. Put twitter down from time to time.
Real conversation is a good thing. Be sure to make time for real talk with friends and family.

9. Quit arguing over petty differences.
Much of what we debate doesn’t really matter. Get along and do more.

10. Change their circle… Together we’ll change the world.
Live a life to change the people and situations around you. If we all serve our part of the world, we’ll change the thing together.

What else should we be sure we do?


  1. Aaron

    Great thoughts! I would add the following:

    Identify older married couples that can pour wisdom into your marriage

    Develop daily devotional habits

    Commit to involving prayer in all decision making (college, grad school, career moves, home purchases, etc.)

    Connect with and begin serving within a local church


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