When A Little Is Enough

littleIt’s a scene that would do great in a Hollywood movie or on a stage somewhere on Broadway….

– Jesus has just healed a man with leprosy.

– LEPROSY! – that’s not a small cold, that’s a big deal and Jesus did it without any problems. On top of all that, He asked the man to keep it between the two of them

– Jesus heads back to Capernaum and a Roman officer comes up to him and tell Him that his servant is back at his place really sick.

– Jesus, having already taken care of leprosy and a host of deadly disease, tells the officer that He’ll make a house call and go to the servant.

– The Roman officer, having such respect for Jesus tells him…

But the officer said, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come into my home. Just say the word from where you are, and my servant will be healed. (Matthew 8:8 NLT)

Jesus, because the the Roman Officer’s faith, heals his servant. Jesus tells him to go back and check him out… He’s healed.

Jesus healed the servant because of the Officer’s faith and because of his grace.

Here’s the deal…

Jesus doesn’t have to feel close in order to be working in and around us.

You may feel like Jesus has abandoned you or left you out in the dark.
It may seem that Jesus is off healing and blessing everyone else and is forgetting about you.
It may seem that He’s doing big things in everyone else’s lives and is napping in yours.
You may be hurting and wondering where God’s presence is.

If you’ll just have the faith.

Just enough faith to say, “I know you can do this.”
Enough to believe He will…

Jesus will work.

He doesn’t have to be near to care.
He doesn’t have to seem close to work.
He doesn’t have to “feel” present to be active.

Just enough faith… He’s there.


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