A Spark, A Fire, and You

A fire starts from one single spark that decides to latch on to something else.

Imagine for a second that that thing inside of you, that passionate place deep within you, that cause you care about, that talent you’ve never share, imagine if you would let that out. Imagine what would happen if you let that spark inside of you latch on to others.

That’s what it takes to start a movement. That one spark.

That one spark never feels as if it’s going to be big enough.

No spark ever sets out with its eye on a forest fire. No, a spark does what it has to do. A spark flickers before it fans out. A spark lights its immediate surroundings before it lights the world.

Use your spark.

Sure, it may feel small now, but let it spark and see what happens.
It could be a game changer. Heck, it could be a world changer.


  1. The great thing about that spark is it enflames others and pretty soon you have a community of movers and shakers (and hopefully believers). It’s ironic that this should be your topic today. Just yesterday the story of the distributed “talents” was read in church. Don’t hide your light. Spark the world for the betterment of all.


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