A Lesson From iOS 7: Better To Be Real You Than Fake Them

The announcement of iOS 7 a few weeks ago was one that people from all over the world watched with anticipation. All of us Apple fanboys (I’ll admit it) kinda knew what was going to be unveiled… or at least what was supposed to be unveiled.

At the end of the day, what we learned is that iOS 7 was no longer going to have what is called a “skeuomorphic” (please don’t check the spelling on that) look. Skeuomorphism (so I read) means that the apps and the operating system looks like their real life counter parts.

  • Notes look like a notepad
  • The calendar looks like a tear off calendar
  • … you get the idea.

In iOS 7, though, they aren’t going to have that look. Everything will be flat and have its own unique look.

I say that to get to this…

Let’s be like iOS 7.

You and I shouldn’t try to be like another counterpart or someone else, we should be like us… being us. Don’t try to copy what has worked for someone else when it comes to who you are…

Be you.

Just another reminder.

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