Leader: Use Your Influence Wisely

We’ve all seen it. It goes something like this…

A person with God given leadership ability and charisma uses their gifts and influence to gain something personally. Maybe it was for something that would lead to a moral failure. Maybe it was for something they thought they just had to have at the time. Regardless, they misused their gifting.

A person that has worked hard where they are for years decides to use the influence they’ve built for personal gain. They decided that they wanted to look good or be in style instead of influencing the people around them.

Leader: misusing your gifts and influence for your own gain and purpose has serious consequences. It’s not worth it. (click to tweet this statement)

Don’t throw away the influence you spent years earning with the people around you for a moment of self indulgence or gain.

Sure, you probably could get by with it. The people that love you will overlook it and even support it for a time or two, but that will run out. Your influence is meant for good. That favor God has given, use it for him. That influence He’s allowed you to build. Use it to help build others.

Use your gifts wisely.
Use your influence for others.

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