3 Reasons to Communicate in Bullet Points

1. People are more likely to read it.

Whether we like to admit it or not, people’s attention spans are shrinking quickly. No longer are people likely to have their attention taken for long periods of time. People like scanning what they read because they can do so quickly. When we communicate in bullet points, people are able to get the point without having to have their attention taken from other things while they’re doing it.

2. A lot of what we write and say is fluff.

If we boiled it all down, we could really talk and write in bullet points the majority of the time. In fact, if we did, we would communicate much more clearly. The main point of our message and conversations is often missed because of the fluff we tend to insert around that main point. Bullet points cut out the fluff and lead to clarity.

3. It saves everyone time.

Most people I know claim to live a busy lifestyle. Most of us have very little spare time to begin with. Communicating in bullet points saves us all time. Not only does it save the person communicating it time, but also the one listening or reading.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everything we say and do should be a set of bulleted points. There are certainly times to expound on what we’re saying. Relationships need building and conversations need to happen. I am saying, though, that when viable, bullet away. It helps us all!

What other benefits are there to communicating in bulleted lists?

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