4 Lies No One Should Believe

1. You’re worth it
The truth? God’s grace is a universal, undeserved gift. You’re not worthy of God’s grace. Neither am I. We aren’t worthy, but some how, in a glorious movement of grace, God makes us worthy. When we begin to believe that we are some how worthy of what we have, we believe one of the Enemy’s greatest lies. It can cause us to ruin our lives, our calling, and our relationships. You’re not worth it. I’m not worth it. Not in and of ourselves.

2. You aren’t worth anything
With God’s great love and grace, you’re worth a lot. If you’ve accepted Christ, you are no longer the under-serving sinner you once were, you’re so much more. If you haven’t accepted Jesus, you are still worth it because He says you are. He said that on the cross. You are worth it. You have purpose. Don’t believe anything different.

3. You’re too far gone
Don’t believe this lie! No matter where you are, what you’ve done, what others have said, you aren’t too far gone. No matter how long you’ve been doing “that thing” or how many times you’ve ran, God’s grace is still there for you. Remember: You are worth it!

4. You’re alone
Loneliness is one of life’s most desperate and painful feelings. You are never alone. God is very present in your life. He is still there. You may not see him, but he’s still there. You aren’t alone. You are a friend of Christ and a child of God.

These are some of the ones I begin to believe on occasion.

If you’re there today on any of these, know that you are believing lies. Don’t agree with that. Find God and his love and mercy.

What other lies do you find yourself believing?

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