3 Attitudes Young Leaders Must Adopt

Today’s young leaders have opportunities that few leaders have ever had. We have the world at our finger tips, an obvious need for change, and the technology to accomplish more than ever. The one thing, though, that I think many young leaders are missing is the right attitude.

Attitude does matter.

Here are 3 attitudes I think younger leaders must adopt in order to lead to their full capability…

1. I can do it.

One of the things that holds many leaders down is a lack of their true belief that they have what it takes to succeed. One of the struggles I most often face is asking the question, “Why would anyone follow me?” The truth is, you’re in a leadership position because people want to follow. The people that placed you in a position to lead wouldn’t have done so if you weren’t worth following. Believe in yourself and other people will too. Exude confidence… Guard against arrogance.

2. I’m not too good to do it.

No matter what degree you have or how many ‘dues’ you feel like you’ve paid, you aren’t too good for anything. If you aren’t willing to do what you’re asking other people to do, you’ll never be successful in leading them to the larger goal either. All great leaders serve, not matter their age. Young leaders, we ,must as well.

3. Honor is a must.

Honor your leader. When your leader deserves it for supporting and complimenting you and when your leader doesn’t deserve it because they had a bad day, honor them. When you feel like your leader is right and when you feel like your leader is wrong, honor them. When the person that leads you is present and when they’re absent and it’d be easy to throw them under the bus, honor them. Honor your leader and find honor for yourself later.

Ok, those are my 3, what can you add?

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  1. All great attitudes. I think a good attitude is a huge gap for some young leaders. You’ve gotta pay your dues if you want to earn the rewards.

    I think patience and waiting on people & God is another essential attitude.


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