Strive for Clarity: One Tip For Every Area of Life

I’ve learned one lesson over and over the last few months…

Always strive for clarity.

  • It’s a great leadership tip.
  • It’s a great communication tip.
  • It’s a great parenting tip.
  • It’s a great life tip.

Strive to be clear with who you are, what you say, what you write, and what you do.

Clarity may mean…

  • A consistent life that relays one message rather than sends mixed messages to the people watching.
  • A blog post that doesn’t have 3 points, but 2 because 3 would mess with the clarity of the post.
  • A sermon that may not have each point starting with the same letter because starting that last point with a ‘P’ won’t accurately relay what God wants to relay.
  • Having the tough conversations with your child because you can’t give them two different messages.
  • Developing one succinct vision statement for your church so that people can get it rather than trying to relay everything you do in a paragraph.
  • Quitting some good stuff because it muddy’s what you’re great at.

Always strive for clarity.



  1. OK this is really funny. Today, I posted Part 1 of my notes from my breakout session from The Sticks. And there is a list of 4 things, all that begin with the letter “P.” Do you have it out for me?

    But (as I say in that post), I typically hate that technique.

  2. Enjoyed this post, two statements jumped out: “A consistent life…” and “Quitting some good stuff because it muddy’s what you’re great at.” I think this second one is important because we can find ourselves being pulled in doing some really good things, but it’s not what we’ve been ‘called’ to do so God’s will for our lives gets muddied.


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