3 Family Fun Tips: How to not kill each other this holiday season

It’s the holiday season. For some, they put family and fun together this time of year. For other people, though, they just can’t make the two words go together.

Now, before I continue, I have to offer a disclaimer….
I have a great family. Both my immediate family and my in-laws (outlaws better explains them) are a great bunch.

Now, on to the post…
3 things that could help save your holiday cheer when you’re with your family this year…

1. Remember, it’s the holidays.

Remember the spirit of the seasons.

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what we’ve been given, the people around us, and where we are… Be thankful for it all (even Uncle Bob who burps a lot).

Christmas is such a beautiful reminder of God’s love and grace. Keep that in mind as you struggle to be gracious to Aunt Betty who keeps asking why you aren’t married or havent moved out of your folks place yet.

2. If it won’t matter to you when you get back home, let it go.

If you’re out of town visiting the folks and you come across an arguing point (or WWE look alike wrestling match opportunity), keep in mind that you’re going home soon. If it won’t matter who’s right or wrong then, it’s probably not worth heading to the ring and lacing up the boots for now.

3. Speak up. Be yourself.

No matter how long the people have been in your family or how long you’ve known the in laws you’re sharing turkey and cheesecake with, don’t be afraid to be yourself and have fun. One of most people’s greatest stresses around new people is that they’re afraid to be themselves… just be you.

Alright guys, any more tips? Any family wrestling matches you’d like to share?


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