Green Dreams, Small Sprigs, and Doing Something Big

Melissa and I lived in an apartment until about 6 months ago. The first spring we were living in the apartment, we decided that we wanted to have some live plants around the place.

That decision (like many of our decisions) kind of happened out of nowhere… actually, while we were in Dollar Tree. We saw the seed, we saw some pots to plant the seed in, and even found some soil type stuff in a bag (yeah, it was a dollar too).

We checked out, went home and planted our little green dream. We waited…

After a week, there was nothing in our little pot but the soil substance stuff.

After week 2, nothing.

After week 3, we googled some answers and put the plant in the window for more sun.

After about a month, our green dream ended up being a small sprig. That was all we really ever saw from our Dollar Tree plant.

I learned something through that…

I can know what I want to do, but unless I know how to do it, it’s nothing but a dream.

I can know that I want to do something significant, but if I don’t spend time figuring out how, I’m not gonna get what I want.

Spend time on the ‘how.’

We talk a lot about dreaming dreams, dreaming big, and thinking big, but we have to know how or those are nothing more than green dreams and sprigs.

Seek the how.
Beg God for the how.
Ask other people how.
Read up on how.
Decide how….

and follow through successfully.


  1. Your post brought a smile to my face. Years ago when I was a child, my parents bought someone a Chia pet (it was right after they came out). I don’t think the little old lady they bought it for had any idea what it was. Each time we would come over to her house the naked ceramic ram would be sitting in her window as a decoration, no green sprouting.

    Yes, having a dream is one thing, but knowing how to implement the dream is the only way we will see results.


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