1. John Bates

    Actually I work in the edge of the healthcare industry (we rent and sell home medical equipment) and sleep apnea is one of the most widespread problems I see. It’s also the one people are most prone to ignore. I think we equate sleeping with laziness, lack of ambition and weakness.

  2. We have all this modern technology that is suppose to make life easier. Yet, it seems of making life easier, it has caused a series of events of seeing how much more we can put into a day. Also, we are spending more time sitting down at the computer instead of getting up and moving. I find it all to be an oxymoron!

    Great post! An eye opener for sure ( no pun intended!)

  3. DUDE!! I think you posted this just for me. I average 4-5 hours a night and I’m often tired. However I do nap on the bus to/from work.

    I know I need more sleep, but there is so much I want/need to do that every waking hour makes a difference.

    Typically I go to bed around 11pm and wake up between 3-4am.

  4. Most folks are unable to disconnect – they’re afraid to miss something (news, status update, etc.) and people are sleeping with their phones instead of alarm clocks. Which means you’re more likely to be disturbed by a call, an email, an update.

    Additionally, we’re challenging ourselves to do more and more – to be busier and busier with life. That in turn makes us feel compelled to stay up later to complete all of our tasks.


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