5 Ways to Thank A Blogger

Everyone can have a blog… many people do have them. It can be tough to find your voice in the blogging world because of the mass number of blogs online. It can also be difficult to find good, and consistent good blogs to read for a particular interest. There are hundreds of websites and apps designed to point us toward blogs we will enjoy on a certain topic, but the best way to find new content remains word of mouth.

That being said, one some of the greatest things you can do for your favorite blogger is pass their posts along. Your recommendation and readership goes a long way in helping that particular blogger to find their ‘voice.’

Here are 5 easy you can thank your favorite bloggers:

1. A RT – Twitter remains one of the best resources for sharing information and links. If you like a blog post, be generous in your RTing of it. You’d be surprised how many people find new content through twitter.

2. A Comment – Comments are getting fewer and further between. Because of the scarcity of comments now days, when a blogger does get a few, it means even more. To the blogger, it means you’ve moved beyond just reading and you’ve began to participate in the conversation.

3. A Recommendation – Recommend a blog by word of mouth. That’s still the best form of advertising and sharing information. It goes with blog content too.

4. A Return visit – Of course, actually visiting the site day in and day out is a great way to say, “thank you.” It helps the blogger’s stats and also encourages them because they see that people are returning to see their content.

5. A Subscription Click – RSS feeds are one of the best ways to keep up with all of your favorite blogs. To subscribe to a blog means you don’t want to miss a post. You’ve moved from being a return visitor to a bought in reader. Say thank you to your top favorite bloggers by clicking on the orange subscribe button.

Are you a blogger? If so, how can we say “thank you” for your great content?


  1. Great stuff! I love when comments get going on my posts without my help. I like to moderate, but I love when other people start conversations with each other.

    Sharing links on twitter is also very helpful. I will be sharing this link on twitter today! :)

  2. Good suggestions Jonathan. Though I would change the last one from Subscribe to their RSS feed to Subscribe to their EMAIL List. That shows much more commitment and thanks to me.

  3. Those five things mean a lot to us bloggers. (Whether we claim they do or not!) Everyone likes a good pat on the back.

    Of them all, the one that stands out the most for me is the conversation via comments. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see the shares, but I love the personal interactions even more.

    1. Think you hit on something in your first point…. EVERYONE likes a pat on the back… and it’s OK to like that, we just can’t let the success/lack of success of our blogs define us.

      Great points, Dusty

  4. I love this! Such a great compact list.

    I’m really thankful when people share my stuff and leave comments on SomeWiseGuy.com.

    What I enjoy most are the repeat visitors who join in the conversation and challenge me.

  5. How about asking to post the entry on your blog if you have one, giving obvious credit and linking to the original post? Or write a post based in the post you like and sending readers to the original post? It encourages me to hear, “can I reblog your post?”!

  6. Mary Kay

    Appreciate the concise list. AND the encouragement to dialogue. I think isolation is too easy in the cyber-world. I don’t use Twitter (yet?)d but see the benefit of the RT.

    I’ll be back, Jonathan.


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