Life Milestones

When Melissa and I first moved to Orangeburg 2 years ago, we needed a place to live… pronto. We found the best apartments we could come across and settled there for the last two years.

We’ve enjoyed living there. We’ve liked the location, the pool, the workout room, and all the other little things that come from living in an apartment.

A few months ago, though, we started looking for homes to buy in the area. We found a home, shuffled our feet and thought we had lost the house when it came under contract. After the deal fell through a few weeks later, we jumped right on it and are ready to buy our first home.

We’ll be closing on the house this morning at 9AM.

We’re so excited about the possiblities of this ‘fixer upper’ and the fun that we’re going to have over the years in this home. In fact, Melissa and I were talking a few days ago about all the things that will probably happen while we’re living in this home… all of the milestones that we’ll experience.

It really is a big deal to us. It’s one of those life moments that people always look back on and say they remember.

So, my question today is…

What life milestone do you remember or cherish the most? Having kids? Graduating high school? Your wedding day? Let us know in the comments. 


  1. Congrats on becoming a homeowner. Although, some days you might miss not having a landlord to call to come fix stuff…at least I do! Love milestone memories too, marriage, birth of child, And even some of the hardest milestones are ones I appreciate looking back on. They remind me of God’s faithfulness.

  2. How exciting! Congratulations to you and Melissa! I remember our first house, purchased only 9 months after we were married. And, again, our second house, the one we had built in a brand new neighborhood. Now I look forward to selling that house and moving back to an apartment. :)

  3. Congratulations to you guys! That’s great news! My biggest milestone was about 25 years ago when I found Jesus. Or should I say He found me?! Since then… my wedding day, our first dog (Bear), my parent’s 50th anniversary, and my Dad’s remission from Leukemia. Thanks for helping me remember the good stuff! :-)

  4. What an exciting and nerve-wracking time all in one! There are some great things about being a homeowner, and it’s my hope that you and your wife enjoy this new adventure and milestone.

    Milestones – definitely meeting and marrying my wife; adopting our first son; my wife delivering our second son; graduating college twice; my first full-time preaching gig; my first full-time job at a Fortune 500 company; figuring out reading was fun and helpful – not a chore; learning that sometimes doing a little is doing a lot for some one else.

    Enjoyed the post.

  5. That’s awesome! Congratulations!

    We’re still not in a position to buy a house, but one of the biggest milestones so far was the day my daughter was born. Holding her for the first time rocked my world. AND we’ve got another little girl on the way.


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