Relationship Equity

A few weeks ago, I was watching Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. I dont remember who they were playing, but Orel Hersheiser, the color analyst for the game, talked about the “Relationship Equity” that the Dodgers manager (Don Mattingly) has with his players.

For the last couple of weeks, the term “Relationship Equity” has popped back in my mind several times.

Here are some thoughts on relationship equity…

* Relationships matter, no matter the context.
* Leadership hinges on relationships… Good or bad.
* What we put into a relationship, we’re likely to get out.
* Good and deep relationships take time.
* Relationships of any kind have ups and downs, it’s up to the parties in the relationship if they continue or end.
* Relationships require consistent care and development.

Who said we can’t learn from TV?! :-)

What are your thoughts? What does “Relationship Equity” mean to you?


  1. Thallia

    Relationships are really very important and i think we should always build a nice relationship with people around us especially in business..

  2. Relational equity is what gets you through change, conflict and the like. Building relational equity is a leadership investment to get through the challenges that are coming.

  3. Relationships are so important. I believe having relationships can allow you to become a better person and Christian. I think it’s one way to get closer to God. Great thoughts.


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