10 Best Podcasts from Twitter

A few weeks ago, I threw out this question on twitter

What’s the one podcast you’d recommend to anyone?

Here are the top 10 responses I got back (keep in mind, I haven’t listened to all of these and can’t endorse any of them)…

1. Boundless Show

2. EMS Leadership

3. Village Church

4. Straight Thinking

5. Wally Show

6. Andy Stanley Leadership

7. This is Your Life

8. Daily Shorts & Spirit of Adoption

9. Bethel Church

10. Perry Noble Leadership

and my addition…

11. Conversations with Pete Wilson

Your turn…

What podcast would you recommend to anyone?

[The App Store has a great free app for podcasts here.]


  1. I have 2 – Mosaic LA’s Video Podcast… Erwin McManus is the main speaker, but Hank Fortener and other guests also speak.. Always creative, challenging and engaging..

    And I’ve just started watching James McDonald.. VERY challenging… But a good kick up the back side…

  2. One of my favorite things to do every weekday is to listen to Dr. Charles Stanley on his “In Touch” Ministry’s podcast while doing housework.
    His messages are always relevant, always straight from the Word of God. Love them!

  3. I’ve recently become a big podcast fan. Two in particular that I enjoy are:
    1. EntreLeadership
    2. 48 Days Podcast

    The first is hosted Chris LoCurto and features content from Dave Ramsey as well as guests who are icons of business and leadership.

    The second is hosted by Dan Miller and is a spin off of his book 48 days to the work you love.

  4. Jenkins

    I do love to share it on my pinterest, I am pretty sure that my friends do also like it… I always wanted to have a trends on twitter world…


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