Know the Culture. Use the Culture. Reach the Culture.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were at the mall and walked by the Ghost Armor kiosk. I had heard of Ghost Armor and heard some pretty good reviews from people that had used it, so I stopped by the kiosk. I walked up to the guy working and asked a few questions and told him I’d think about it and let him know. He gave me his card and said something really brilliant (at least I thought it was). He said…

“here’s my card, if you have any questions, you can call or just text me and I’ll be happy to answer em.”

The part that I thought was so great about that sentence?

He said I could text him with questions.

Being a retailer of something that specifically deals with mobile devices (tablets, laptops, cell phones, etc…), I thought it was a brilliant way to serve their customers.

It’s a great example of knowing the culture and using the culture to accomplish the goal.

The guy at the kiosk, his goal was to cell me a $40 film for my iPhone, your goal may be much different, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use what’s familiar to your target audience to reach them with your product/service/message.

It could be that you wanna…

  • stay in touch with your children.
  • reach your city for Christ.
  • teach your students something you believe is important.
  • train volunteers.
  • train employees.
  • lead a group of seniors.
  • sell a product.

We’ve gotta…

Know the culture.
Know what’s familiar.
Use the culture.
Reach the culture.

In what ways do you currently leverage the culture you’re in to reach the culture you target?

[For more on reaching your culture, see my post here.]


  1. I work with college students, so there are times I’m ministering to them thought text or Facebook chat. Not necessarily my go-to method of helping someone, but that’s how they communicate, so I’ve started getting more concise in my ministering to be able to help them if they text me, instead of saying – let’s chat in two days.


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