Is Jesus Excited? It Depends On You.

is jesus excited

Ever since Melissa changed jobs last July, we’ve had Fridays off together. Fridays have been kinda deemed by the two of us as our ‘date day.’ That’s the day we spend out shopping, going to movies, eating out, and whatever else we want to do.

We often kinda take turns picking out what we’re gonna do on our Friday date day (although, she’s really good with the ‘it doesn’t matter to me’ thing). For the last few weeks, I had been wanting to go to Chipotle for lunch… it’s just one of those places that I get the craving for at times. Friday morning, Melissa and I woke up and and she woke up just as excited about Chipotle as I was…. it wasn’t even her pick of restaurant, but she was excited about it.

That made me even more excited.

You see, deep down, I want her to like what I like. I want her to want to do what I want to do. When she does, it gets me even more excited about what’s going on.When Melissa gets excited about what I’m excited about, it makes me happy.

Jesus is the same way with us.

  • When we get excited about what he gets excited about.
  • When we love the way he loves.
  • When we care about what he cares about.
  • When we act like he would act.

I hope and pray that Jesus gets excited because I’m excited about the same things that he is.

Is Jesus Excited because you are?

[Read about Chipotle and how they got their start on their site, here.]


  1. I saw that burrito even before I started reading and thought “Chipotle.” Then I find you writing about it. Dude, you have no idea how hungry I have been for it but my wife is not crazy about it. however, my daughter will be here tomorrow and I have already told her “lunch on me. Chipotle.” Told her that 2 weeks ago. LOL Love me some Chipotle. Anyway, to answer your question: sometimes I think He is absolutely thrilled with me and at other times, when i do dumb things and make not so good choices, He is less than thrilled (but loves me anyway). But I do want Him to be excited.

  2. Russell

    It is easy to get excited about doing what I feel led to do. But you mention our tendencies to feel like we have to just “do it now” with the rest of the things in our day. Sometimes trying to blow through the other stuff to get to my Jesus stuff just ends up distracting me.
    Thanks for the perspective. If we are doing something for someone we love we are willing to inconvenience ourselves at moments. Put our own plans on the back burner. If part of what we are doing gets a little tough we know that we are earning love points. Jesus loves us and died for us… But favor might be nice to gain, too.

  3. I’m excited that you like Chipotle like me. We just got one locally only a short while back and I totally love it.

    One thing that I think about, but am afraid to pray, is to ask Jesus to break my heart for what breaks his. This can be a dangerous prayer, but one that is worthwhile praying.

  4. Oh man, this is so good. I think the challenge for me is believing in the first place that Jesus is excited about anything I’m doing for him. Its weird but I just have a hard time embracing the truth that he delights in me.. like true excited delight.

    I often picture him just nodding in approval with a stoic look on his face. You know… like your boss at the end of the day. He’s not excited you’ve done your job. But he won’t fire you because you did do your job. Does this make sense?

    I have a lot to learn about grace….

    1. Can totally see why you’d have trouble grasping that Jesus is excited about anything you’d do. I tend to be the same way… It really is minimal compared to what He’s done for us. Thankful I don’t have to earn it, but still can please him.


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