1 Thing Holding You Back


You have an idea, you think it’s a good one, but you fear what it will take to get there.

You have a goal, but you’re scared of the effort and sacrifices you’ll have to make to accomplish it.

You have a conviction, but you’re nervous about what other people will say if you start or stop because of it.

The great part about acknowledging that fear is the thing holding you back?

You can begin to move past it.

Do. Not. Fear.

Rise Above It.

What holds you back?


  1. Yesterday in our chapel service at NGU the speaker said this. I think it applies here.

    “Faith and fear cannot exist in the same heart. Fear looks at the circumstances but faith looks at the heart.” – Rev. Mark Harris

  2. Brian – that’s a great quote!

    Jonathan – fear is the biggest thing that holds me back. I’ve failed many times & the fear of failing again runs pretty deep. It’s a very tough thing to “move past” or “let go of”. But I’m working on it.

  3. Amy

    Very good post, Jonathan.
    I don’t want to come across like fear is not a problem for me, but honestly, I feel like in THIS season of my life, what really holds me back is questioning whether or not my idea is a “God thing”.
    Some people may see that as an excuse not to move forward, but the thing is, I have been very guilty in the past of running ahead of God. I’ve had many good ideas, taken off with them, only to find out not long after that the timing was just not right.
    I have been in a period of waiting for awhile now. I want God to see that I have learned to wait on Him to join HIS plans instead of making my own.
    Any advice?

    1. Yes, join the club! :) Nah, This is where the importance of maintaining a consistent relationship with God… so that you hear his voice clearly. Ultimately, we eventually learn if what we’re hearing is him and we have to move on it. One thing I would tell you (I’m impatient as I can be) is to listen to the people around you and what scripture says. God won’t contradict his work and he OFTEN speaks through other people.

      Hope that sheds some light for ya.

      Anyone else that can speak to this a little?

  4. Man, did I need to read this today. I’m not the greatest at asking for financial support, but my desire is to work for Ignite full time. I’m pushing past that fear and starting to ask people to support me on a monthly basis to fullfill this dream. Thanks for this!

  5. Melissa034

    This is so true… The greatest obstacle in me is fear. I am trying to be strong enough in facing my fears but sometimes, just like any other human, fear of failure is holding me back. Thanks for this insightful post.

    1. Yeah, Melissa, it can be very crippling. Sometimes there’s a process (which may look different for each of us) that we have to go through in order to overcome some of the fears. One BIG thing is remembering who you are IN Christ. That may help you overcome some of it. (2 cor 5:17; john 3:16; john 1:12 just to give a few). Thanks so much for sharing, Melissa!

  6. Akishya

    Fear plus lack of confidence sometimes makes me hold back to do things which I like to do. But I was thought by a friend that if I want to move forward, I should left the fears inside me and face the challenges which may come into my way.

  7. Gabby

    I’m glad to read this kind of blog. Sometimes we need to ask ourself with this question. What really makes us hold back? Of course, Fear is one reason why. It’s natural thing that we felt the fear whenever we do the anything for the first time. Fear to fail, that’s why we are not certain to give it a try.


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