If The Movies Were Real Life…

I can across this post the other day on CNN.com.

If you haven’t heard, a cruise ship some how found its way onto dry land. It didn’t dock at a port, it just kinda ran aground. The result was a cruise ship full of paniced people. In fact, there were actually some deaths from it.

The article says that…

The worst part came when a lifeboat crew member told everyone “women and children first,” Smith said. “All these families who were clinging to each other had to be separated,” he added.


Not words you wanna hear while on a crashed cruise ship.

Seems like a scene straight out of Titanic.

Which brings me to my question today…

What movie would you LEAST like to be a part of it it played out in real life?

I think Titanic may be on the top of my list!


  1. Titanic would probably be at the top of my list also Jonathan. It has been really cold around here the past week and the thought of dipping a toe into the river chills me to the bone, let alone my whole body for any length of time.

  2. I sure don’t hope the 2012 movie will be a part of my life. And ofcourse, the Titanic movie is a really bad outcome to. RIP for all those people who did not make it during the evacuation.


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