What the #iOS5 Release Teaches Us

Like many of you, I spent the last couple of hours of my day yesterday trying to update my iPhone and iPad to the latest software.

I tried multiple times to update, but each time I ran into an error.
I knew the problem.
I knew that I was having problems because many other people were doing the same thing I was doing and it was more than apple could handle at one time.

But I kept trying anyway.

Could I have quit for the day and tried in a day or two with more success?


But I wanted the latest apple software immediately!


Because Apple has created a product and a culture that consistently provides excellence and superiority.

I was willing to keep trying and wasting my time doing something that I knew would be easier later because I couldn’t wait to get my hands on what Apple had just released.

If we create consistently excellent experiences and consistently excellent lives, other people will want something we have.

Excellence creates a need for more.

Whether you’re a parent, a pastor, a friend, a student, a Christian…

Be excellent, consistently.

Make people want what you have!

If you own an i device, how long did it take you to update to iOS5?


      1. Oh boy! It’s going to be a process that I’ll have to come back to later. First I have to update iTunes and I’m having trouble with that. Oy. Thanks for the warning on the time consumption! :)

          1. Oh my! After spending 40 minutes downloading, installing and updating iTunes and restarting my computer, I finally got my iPhone connected and updating. It’s expected to take 3 hours, Jonathan! I don’t even have that much stuff on there! Guess I’ll attempt the iPad tomorrow. *sigh*

  1. It’s so important for us to move forward in excellence. I can’t stand it when I see Christians who will just do enough to get by in any situation. To me, that dishonors God.

    As for downloading iOS5 – it took awhile! I had to reboot my computer and phone, and even switched to doing my iPad first because I needed my phone. In the end, it got all updated. I love it!

  2. Confession: I woke up early to update my devices and they both failed twice before I gave up. Tried for an hour during lunch at work. Finally got it to work after the kids went to bed.

    Great perspective and drawing a lesson from all our frustration.

  3. I can confidently say that I was not one of the thousands downloading the update at the same time, making your download slower… lol

    Great lesson for all to learn!

  4. Anastasia Porter

    It’s expected to take 3 hours, Jonathan! In the end, it got all updated. Eventually had to do restore in my iphone.


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