Dream Small

We hear so much about thinking big and dreaming big.

We talk about getting big vision and dreaming bold dreams.

And I completely get that.
I completely understand the sentiment behind the statement.

I believe God thinks big and expects big prayers and bold faith from us.

But what if…

Big dreams and big vision were only a series of smaller dreams put together?
What if doing something HUGE was really only being faithful what what’s next?

Dreaming big often begins with a small step to solve a problem.
Dreaming big sometimes means imagining what small thing I can do for the issue I see now.

Don’t think there’s something wrong with you because you can’t grasp dreaming big…
Don’t think because your dream isn’t big right now that it’s not valuable.

Just dream small.

Let the big dream come as you’re faithful with the small.


  1. “Just dream small. Let the big dream come as you’re faithful with the small.”

    YES! I think we can get caught up in wanting our big dream now, that we forget God tests us first with the small things. If you can’t be faithful leading a small group of 10 people, there is no way you’ll be faithful leading a church of 10,000. Dreams have to start somewhere. Great post, JP!

  2. One day, I think we will all be surprised when we stand in front of our Creator and He reveals to us just how big all those small and seemingly insignificant steps really were in the big picture! Good post.

  3. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. There is a need for big dreamers, but the big dreamers would never get much done if it were not for those who know how to pay attention to the details.

    This gave me a great idea for a lesson :) God bless

  4. I lose my focus, get discouraged, and give up when I don’t have “checkpoints” as I call them… those are a necessity in my own dreaming to not lose focus of the big dreams. Great post, as always, JP!

  5. Nice post. I’m reminded that a house is built brick by brick. While we keep our vision on the big dream (the completed house), we focus on each individual brick that we put into place. All we can do is take one step at a time. So often, I want to skip the journey and get to the end, but God wants to take us on a journey (those small dreams).


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