3 Ways to Accomplish Nothing

Put all your stock in the opinion of other people.

If you want to be sure you accomplish nothing, no matter what you’re doing, be sure you try to make EVERYONE happy. You’ll be so busy trying to please the preference of every person that you forget that you’re main purpose is to glorify God. You’ll be so busy seeking the approval of the person beside you, you’ll have no time to invest in anything that will make a difference… even after you’re gone.

Never stretch yourself by doing anything new.

It’ll help us all accomplish nothing if we try our best to never have to learn anything new. We’ll be so busy hiding in the corner and avoiding ‘uncomfortable’ situations and tasks that we’ll miss the true opportunities. We’ll be concerned because we don’t have a complete knowledge of every situation and never begin anything that may make us look vulnerable.

Completely ignore relationships.

Relationships are so important to success, if we don’t spend time building them, success is sure to pass us by. We’ll be busy hanging out alone that we’ll never team up with anyone to do something that we couldn’t do on our own. We’ll never reach out, never hurt with others, never care for others, and never be stretched by others.

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What ways can you add?


  1. ” be sure you try to make EVERYONE happy. ”

    If we are doing what is right, if we are doing what is Godly, if we are doing what the Truth commands of us, then we will inevitably make someone unhappy. The Truth hurts and by HIS grace it will lead those who hear IT ( HIM ) to Godly sorrow and repentance.

  2. Don’t read – you might learn something new you’ll have to apply.
    Don’t respond to emails or return phone calls – people might ask you something you have to answer or do.


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