Don’t Sell Your Leader Out

I was reminded a few days ago…

It’s easy to talk about,
nit pick,
and sell a leader out when you have a problem.

It’s easy to talk about your pastor rather than partner with them.
It’s easy to bash your boss rather than honor them.
It’s easy to insult your teacher rather than respect them.

But it’s not what you and I are called to do.

We’re called to honor those that God has placed in leadership over us.

To love them.
To support them.

I know there are times when character becomes an issue and we have to go to someone else,
but most of the time,
we need to…

  • Honor them.
  • Pray for them.
  • Serve them.
  • Protect them.

After all,
They’re left with the task of leading US! :)


  1. Well said Jonathan. I have been on both sides of the coin: people willing to follow and support, and people willing to pick a fight and undercut things. A whole lot more fun and a whole lot more good gets accomplished with first way.

  2. Ron Adey

    It’s funny you should write this, I’ve been thinking a lot on this subject. I’ve been going to church for over 25 years now. Every time I hear someone talk bad about the Pastor all I need to do is look closer and I will find sin in their life. Instead of repenting they become bitter and start to talk against the Pastor. Many have even left the church.

  3. With a former pastor there were times I caught myself complaining about him in front of our then young children. I knew I was not setting a good example of respecting our leadership and heard the words, “Touch not God’s anointed.” It was hard, but I learned to hold my tongue and cringed when I heard others complain.

    But now we have a fabulous pastor & I never hear complaints about him. Makes life easier! :)

  4. Johnnie Dodson

    Glad we’re thinking along the same lines. Not always easy to live out, but definitely needed. You read my journal this morning didn’t you thanks for writing this out!


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