Pain or Passion: How to Make What You Do Count

You don’t have to live very long to realize that sometimes, everyone has to do things they don’t necessarily want to do.

For some, it’s a job that they don’t like.
For some, it’s a chore that they dread.
For some, it’s a meeting that they have to sit in.
For some, it’s a social event they’d rather skip.

No matter what your ‘pain’ is,
fit it into your passion.

If you’re working a job that you really dislike, find a coworker to develop a relationship with and share Jesus with them..

If you’re career is one that seems monotonous, find a way to use it for God’s glory.

If you’re forced to spend time with people that you just can’t find common ground with, find one person to pour into.

When we begin to operate out of a place of passion rather than pain,
we begin to do it with joy,
we begin to it with excellence,
and we continue to live out our purpose.

And it begins to be about something more than ‘just gettin it done.’

What’s your ‘pain?’ How can you fit it into your passion?


  1. Good point, especially for a Monday! :) I think this traces back to Eden when humanity was charged with work that would make us sweat. But God has given us the grace of reward for hard work done well, and that can keep us going.

  2. My pain really is my PT job – it’s demeaning work, hanging posters, directing traffic, when I used to be a manager and supervising 9 employees. But, I’ve used this time to learn some more marketing stuff, build a relationship with a few key coworkers and might even be launching an Ignite group at this college soon. So, while I don’t like my job, it is fitting into my passion. But I am ready for a new one =D

  3. Love, love, love this post!! :)

    My “pain” is my difficult marriage…demonstrating love, kindness, and respect to a spouse who is consistently unhappy and discontent with his life.
    My PASSION, though, is to encourage women.
    Believe me, God has reminded me often that I need to be focusing more of my passion to encourage on my HUSBAND. Some days it’s really hard, but I can honestly say that over the years I have seen God soften his heart through my love and kindness and that is what keeps me going :)
    I guess I said all that to say that I can give God glory when I use my passion to encourage others–who are easy to love!–on my husband who is not always so easy to love, because that is when I am probably most exemplifying Christ. I hope that doesn’t come across as boastful, because I certainly couldn’t do it without spending time with God daily, allowing Him to show me the areas of my own life that fall short of total obedience and surrender to Him. I think that has helped me respond to my husband with more humility and less judgment.
    And when my husband sees my humility and love, like I said, it ultimately softens his own heart and hopefully points him to Christ.
    {Sorry I rambled!}

  4. Loved this post Jon, can I call you Jon?.

    Taking time to turn something you hate into part of your passion is a very cool idea.

    It is all about perspective, thank you for shifting mine around.

    God bless.

  5. You nailed it! as always.

    I do this often as I fit my passion into much of everything I do. It is not always easy and sometimes I tend to get whiny, but it’s a must.

    Glad I saw this post, Glad I RT’d it and hope that many others will be blessed from it!


  6. Thanks for sharing. It is my first time coming to your page…I like how you are able to write something so short and to the point that challenges our thinking…


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