How to Make Your Life Count… Beyond Your SS#

I talk a lot about “turning the world UPSIDE down.”

It’s something that I believe in.

It’s something that I truly believe God has called us to do.

It’s something that seems so irrational and bold,
but really only requires us living out the life God’s called us to.

It requires God living through us.

I thought I’d give you a few simple ways God has shown me to turn the world UPSIDE down since I began seeing it as a passion and calling on my life.

In order to turn the world UPSIDE down

  • We must GO against the norm.
  • We must LOVE at all times.
  • We must STAND for what we know is right.
  • We must GUARD our integrity in the face of it being tested.
  • We must BUILD relationships and grow them with purpose.
  • We must be BOLD.
  • We must be UNIFIED around the essential.
  • We must be IMPATIENT. – our time is EXTREMELY limited.
  • We must be PATIENT. – God works beyond time.
  • We must DESIRE MORE. – we are never done!

How do you turn the world UPSIDE down?


  1. One of the biggest ways I try to turn the world upside down is by pouring into others and encouraging them to pursue the dreams and potential within them, especially young people. If you impact them with the gospel now, you change the future.


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