1. In the summer we like to go to Kollen Park in Holland and watch the people, boats, and the water. :) I can’t wait for it to get warm again!

    We also go to the farmer’s market together every Saturday. Not exactly cheap, but we need the food anyway so may as well do it together. (And then I have somebody to carry the bags!)

  2. Bob

    Okay, this spends some money – but my wife and I like to get out of the house together. The local Japanese restaurant is not cheap and usually when we go it’s a special occasion and we do the full hibachi thing. The kids love it for their birthday celebrations.

    We don’t care for sushi, but my wife discovered that the sushi bar in the back of the restaurant also serves ala carte items from their menu – without the hibachi chef show! It’s cheaper and the restaurant knows when we come in there that we’re on a date night. They’ve been great to let us sit there and talk.

  3. For us, a good cheap date starts with a frozen meal and early bedtime for the kids. Then, we cook a special dinner together and eat it while watching a movie on the couch.

  4. Pam

    For my husband and I it’s a trip for coffee and a piece of pie. Electronic gadgets in pockets or purses and REAL conversation. No interruptions or distractions, a full cup of java and peace between us. Priceless…but cheap!

  5. tam

    starbucks. all the way. for $4.70 my hubs and i can talk and talk and talk over our favorite beverages. of course, if we do this every day it isn’t that cheap :/

    and often times…our kiddos are involved. ohdang. i think i need to come up with a cheaper alternative.


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