Sometimes, You Gotta Fight Back

Life has a way of getting the best of us at times.

It can punch us in the mouth and pick on us ruthlessly.

Sure, we have to trust God, we have to keep our faith and know who we are in Him,
but sometimes,
we gotta fight back.

We can’t just stand there and let something or some situation continue to knock us down..

That’s not Godly, that’s just passive and apathetic.

We eventually get to the “I’ve had enough” stage.

thanks, @kylereed for the link


  1. Ok…is it sad that my first reaction is “Way to go, kid!” When did being a believer become equated with being a doormat? I think we forgot that our “meek little Jesus” flipped over some tables and whipped a few butts in his time. Forgive…yes. Love unconditionally…yes. Stand idly by in the face of injustice and that which breaks the heart of the Father…I don’t think so.

  2. BOOM!
    I seriously loved this clip.
    At some point every one needs to be put in their place.

    I have a hard time with the whole bullying “agenda” if you will. Yes, some bullies come from dysfunctional homes, have learning disabilities, etc. But more often than not, I think, it’s just some punk who needs a smack upside the head (or a taste of pavement as in the video above) to remind them that they cannot behave however they choose.

    Instead of trying to appeal to the soft side of a bully with appeals to feelings, morals and statistics I think we should teach our kids to stand up for themselves and basic self-defense.

    Jesus wasn’t talking to children when He said, “turn the other cheek”. If we teach our kids to always run from a fight or not to defend themselves how can we expect to become men & women who will stand in the gap for what is right against all odds? Won’t they just turn into people who stand on the sidelines and watch as atrocities are committed?

    Sorry, didn’t mean to go on a rant. Thank for posting the video and sharing your thoughts about fighting back.

  3. I saw this clip over the weekend and definitely was happy that the kid fought back. I’m so tired of hearing people say that turning the other cheek means we need to just let people walk all over us. That’s not what Jesus meant at all. The Jewish custom taught that you could hit someone with the back of your hand and it meant they were inferior to you, but if the person you hit turned the other cheek, you would have to hit them with the palm of your hand – meaning they were your equal.

    It wasn’t some – let people walk all over you type meekness Jesus was propagating. He was telling us to make people realize the humanity within you and, in the Jewish culture anyway, force them to sin if they try to treat (hit) you as an inferior.


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