What The…?!

How many of us can honestly say that we always know what we’re doing?

A while back, I thought about the fact that I often have little clue about what I’m doing or how to accomplish what I want accomplished.

I often have to “wing it” in my everyday life because I tread new ground almost daily.

Whether it be…

  • Helping someone through a situation that I’ve never dealt with,
  • Teaching on a subject that I’ve never really thought through.
  • Cooking a dinner that I really don’t know how to cook.
  • Trying to improve something that I don’t really know how to work with.
  • Going places I’ve never been.

I’m often in over my head.

In the midst of being over my head, though, I find myself relying on my ability to learn and rely on God to help me through it.

In the midst of being in over my head, I find myself being stretched.
This is how I grow.

This is how I get better at what I do.
This prepares me to help others with the same task later down the road.

No matter what you’re doing or what you do, never panic when you’re “in over your head.”

Use it to find the answer, surprise yourself, and accomplish the task.

Use it to learn, grow, and maximize your potential.

Are you in over your head? What are you learning?


  1. Sometimes, I put myself in over my head – on purpose – just for those very reasons you stated: to grow, to stretch or to find surprises and answers. Maybe it’s a voluntary visit to the wilderness. When I muster the courage to do this, I know I won’t be alone. He’s there with me. I enjoy your posts, Jonathan! :)

  2. I tend to learn the best when I’m in over my head. Not to mention those seem to be the most exciting times for me. I love trying to work through something I’ve never done before. It’s how I started my college ministry, how I started leading mission trips, how I started teaching and preaching. And I love every minute of it!


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