How Do You Tell Your Story?

Some people tell great stories.

They have a way of bringing you into their story that makes you feel like you were right beside them when it happened.

Other people tell bad stories.

They either leave out so many details that you wonder why they even chose to tell the story in the first place, or they tell their story with so much detail, you need to pack a lunch to hear the whole thing.

I’m sure that everyone has a great story inside of them, some people (including me) just need to practice telling their story so they’ll get better at it.

How do you tell your story?


  1. With my relationships. If I can build intentional and honest relationships, I can bring people into my story. Every story needs a full cast of characters and a story lived is always more memorable than a story told.

  2. I’m the pack a lunch guy. I’m very detail oriented and when I listen to people’s stories I like to know EVERYTHING. When I tell my story, I tell ALL the deets.

    I do have a 5 minutes version and a 20 minutes version on hand as well if I’m limited in time. :)

  3. Ooooo, I’m with Tony! I love details! Thing is, when it’s MY story I have to hold myself back from too many details. (Even catch myself sometimes and will say, “Oh, sorry…that’s not relevant to the point.”) When it’s somebody else’s story, I tend to get impatient if they tell too many details. I’m ready to move on. Maybe it’s the ADD in me! :) Of course, it also depends on the person, the setting, the story, etc.

  4. I try to tell my story by the way I live everyday life, in the conversions and discussions at home, work and wherever. It’s good to realize that our stories matter becuase they matter to God. Thanks Bro’

  5. As openly and honestly as I can. I figure if I share some of the details that I would rather keep to myself, there’s bound to be someone listening who feels or has gone through the same and needs to hear that they can find healing, too.

  6. Ben

    In bits and pieces most definitely. My “story” is ongoing, and to try and sit down with somebody to tell them the story would be impossible, so most of the time I just do bullet points. I hate talking about myself and would much rather hear their story (when talking in person).

    Then there’s my blog, in which I might expand on the different bullet points. This way if the person gets bored and wants to move on, they can click away and my feelings won’t get hurt. LOL

  7. Johnathan,
    I have a bad habit of getting into details will telling story’s or my story. I’m working on breaking that habit so I can become a great story teller.

    Thank you for the post.


  8. I’ve been told I’m a great story teller.

    I’m not here to brag… because I know a ton of bloggers who I think are much better.

    The most important element of story telling is the details. ONLY put in the ones that are necessary for the meaning behind the story.


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