6 Lessons From Acts 9 (Part 2)

Yesterday, I posted about 6 lessons I learned while reading through Acts 9 a few days ago.

These are some really applicable lessons, no matter who you are or what you do.

I thought they deserved a little more explanation…

1. Significant impact is often made by ordinary people with extraordinary potential. No matter where we look in scripture, we constantly see God using people that may have seemed like they weren’t the best candidates to do the most significant things. Whether it be Moses who had a hard time talking or Peter who had a hard time listening, scripture is filled with stories of these people. You and I can’t overlook people because they don’t seem to be someone that has great ability. At the same time, never let anyone tell you that you are too messed up for God to use you… HE CAN.

2. Never let what seems to be interfere with what can be. We’re great at making excuses. We’re great at looking at a situation and deciding before we even start that it’s impossible. Aninias had heard about Paul. In fact, Aninias wasn’t diggin being anywhere near Paul. But, Aninias was willing to obey God in spite of who Paul appeared to be. Paul was a changed person. Had Aninias not look past what seemed to be and believed that God could do the impossible, this story would have turned out a lot differently. Yours can too!

3. When God calls you to serve, don’t attempt to command. Aninias was willing to serve Paul. He didn’t try to tell Paul what to do. Instead, he touched Paul and Paul was able to see again. We have to be intentional about serving people…not just telling them what to do.

4. When God calls, don’t hesitate. We’ve heard the saying, “He who hesitates is lost.” It’s true with God too. God wants our immediate obedience. God placed a call on Paul’s life and we see him immediately obeying it. This is the beginning of Paul’s ministry. Paul didn’t wait and pray more about what God had told him. Paul didn’t wait until the circumstances were perfect. Paul obeyed God. We must do the same.

5. Allow people to help you. Paul was in the hot seat. Jews had figured out what had happened with him, and were wanting to kill him. Paul didn’t act like he knew what to do, instead, he was willing to accept help. Accepting help doesn’t show weakness, it often prohibits mistakes.

6. Remember that persecution often brings growth. The persecution that the believers went through brought about growth in the believers. In fact, throughout the book of Acts we see where persecution made the body stronger. If you’re dealing with some persecution know that when you make it through, you will be stronger. Be faithful.


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