1. I tried looking up “Twitter” in the Greek but to no avail…maybe it’s too early on a Saturday morning but I can’t seem to write anything “smart” sounding!

    Maybe it’s a tool to have fun? Eh?

    Bless ya bro’

  2. For me, it’s both. I love social media as a way to keep up with friends and family. Check out pictures of their kids, see how their families are changing and growing. So in that, it’s a lot of fun.

    But from another angle, it’s a tool. A tool that is powerful and able to reach into parts of the world that I could never go. There are people that I am connected with on Twitter or Facebook that might take me years to break into their space if I just walked up to them. But social media breaks that down for me. Then it opens the door through the things I post, blogs I write, Scripture I read, etc, to get to know them more and begin to break down barriers.

    Long answer to a short question. Sorry about that. hahah Anyway, for me, it’s both. =)

  3. Jeremy Chandler

    Definitely a tool. I’ve developed so many friendships through social media. I have several friends in Nashville that I met, through twitter, & when people ask how we ended up hanging out, they’re always a little creeped out when we tell them we connected through twitter.

    At the end of the day, its about being social, building relationships, & taking those relationships to make a difference in the “real” world.

  4. Elena Haupricht

    It’s so much to me. My Facebook account is mostly family.. gandchildren and I play Framville & everyother ville there can be..I share with friends, have found long lost friends and host of other things..My Twitter page has led me to wonderful ppl in the Lord. from places all over the world, I would have never been able to meet. I am extemely shy and backward..(I know that’s hard to believe)..But, I find it is differnet online. I can pass on information, share my own thoughts, songs and ideas. It has changed my life in a good way…Like anything else, it can be taken to the extreme, or down the wrong road..Where there is good, there are also those who will try to mess it up, or use it for bad…I just really want to reach who I can in the little world I have. I don’t care about numbers, just souls. I have to use what God puts in my hands to use..I guess that makes it a fun tool.?

  5. For me, it’s both.

    I use social media a lot in my part-time job, as I upkeep the social media sites for a local community college. I use it to connect with students, share events going on around campus, answer questions, and grow the college brand.

    It’s also a tool for me to personally connect with friends, family and even strangers around the world. It helps me stay in contact with my friends and partners in Czech, family I only see every few years, and friends who I don’t see on a regular basis.

    And yea, it is a lot of fun too.

  6. I think it’s both. I like the fun part, but have found that Facebook has been taking all of my evenings. I put the laptop on the coffee table and watch TV at the same time. We are having a 21 day fast at church and I thought that it would be a good thing to “give up” for the 21 days. I use Twitter to post articles to share with others, but don’t spend a whole lot of time on it anymore. I think that it’s a great way to spread the Gospel. I have many posts that post automatically and have had positive feedback from my followers that they’ve enjoyed those posts. It’s a great way to spread a prayer request or to keep your friends updated on your life. I think it’s just a great tool altogether.

  7. Jed

    A great fun tool!

    TheKillerTRUTH: Twitter makes you love people you’ve never met; Facebook makes you hate people you’ve known your whole life: Myspace makes you…nevermind

    Funny – I’ve come across those lines that make me think how these media influence the public.


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