Need CSS?

Hope you like my new look! It’s not my work (wish I could do this!)

It’s the work of Matthew Snider. Matthew is a great guy that I’ve gotten to know through twitter and his blog. He just finished this blog up and did a great job! He was a joy to work with!

If you need any CSS work done, or any customization, please contact him by clicking the link in his bio below. He’ll treat ya right… I promise!

I am Matthew Snider and a self-proclaimed geek. A Mac addict, WordPress coder and up and coming CSS and HTML 5 artist. At heart I am a follower of Christ and proud of who I am. I love to help those in need and take pride in my work. If you need help you can grab me at


    1. Dude. Good work! I recently got a little help too on my blog, but I’m looking for someone to design a header for it. :)

      And yes, I’m willing to pay, but I think I need an expert to accomplish what I want.

      Are you an expert?

    1. Nice move Kyle. Nice move.

      I dont’ know you, but I like your enthusiasm. :)

      I’m coming to check you out.

      And by that, I mean your site.

      No, not that site.

      Your blog.

      Can’t make that one dirty, can you?


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