From My Journal – God LOVES Me!

While I try to be as transparent as possible on this blog, it’s not often that I share something directly from my heart and raw in nature.

But, I wanted to take a second and share something that I wrote in my personal spiritual journal a few days ago.

I think that many of you, like me, need to be reminded of this today.
In fact, I think we need a daily reminder of this.

Here’s what God spoke to my heart a few days ago and has been reiterating in my spirit…

I have no idea why I mean so much to God,  but I’m so glad that i do!  He has my best interest at heart,  and the best interest of everyone in the world.  He works it all out perfectly. I don’t need to worry… The God that is above me loves me for more than even the greatest  people around me.

He is watching,  blessing,  and playing out His story. It’s not God’s desire for me to guess what he’s got up to or be surprised when he comes through…. that’s just what He does… his timing is perfect,  his blessings are many,  and his gift is eternal!!!

What’s God been speaking to you that we may profit from hearing about?


  1. I know this but he keeps reminding me that my identity isn’t found in what I do. It’s not found in my failures and it’s not found in my title. My identity is in who He says I am.


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