Black Friday Madness

My wife and I headed out early this morning to do a little black Friday shopping.

Some may say we’re crazy, but it’s kinda become our little tradition.

There are definitely some great deals to be had.

It’s also a great test of our faith and ability to not get angry (trust me). :-)

So, I have to ask….

Did you go black Friday shopping?

If so, what’s the best deal you found?


  1. Yes, we experienced Black Friday, accomplished much, but there are truly some crazy people out there determined to get that “cheap tv” :) Had leftovers and lazy rest of the day=AWESOMENESS!

  2. Cory McDonald

    I did my black friday shopping online. Trying to be out and about with all those people really tests my faith, so I remove that temptation. Plus, there were great deals online.


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